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Client Success Stories

"My wife, Kathryn and I have worked with Jeff for almost ten years.  I initially started working with Jeff and later Kathryn also moved her investment portfolio to be managed under Jeff's supervision.  Having the accounts consolidated and managed together has allowed Jeff to properly diversify our portfolio and to maximize the returns.  We are very happy with the result.It is a pleasure working with Jeff, as he is always available to help.  He keeps in contact frequently, is friendly, and truly interested in us and our financial well-being.

We would not hesitate to recommend Jeff Scruton and his team." 

Stephen & Kathy Blaney
Mississauga, ON


"Your focus on having the right plan and the experts around you to help support it with helpful tactics is impressive.  You do what it takes and are always moving everything forward.   Thanks for your almost religious attention to detail."  

Kevin Crone, Chairman, Dale Carnegie Business Group
Burlington, ON


"Jeff is very good at helping me focus in on my investment goals, while keeping my risk tolerance in mind at all times.  Also, I appreciate that he not only selects various investments, but takes the time to explain their positives and negatives and which ones are a better choice for me.  He keeps in regular contact and encourages me to call with any questions or concerns.  With Jeff watching out for my money, I am confident that he has my best interests in mind."

Angus Moddison
Mississauga, ON


"We moved to Canaccord and Jeff Scruton after many years being all in the Canadian market in standard mutual funds.  Jeff made us aware that what we thought was diversification actually was just a mix of the same TSX companies.We now have a better distribution of sectors and global markets in our portfolio and are no longer so heavily invested in the TSX resource sector.  We also now have a mix of products including stocks, ETFs and mutual funds and TFSA’s and RESP's.
I feel we are getting good performance based on the world conditions and the levels of risk we accept.  With Jeff's team, we are actively reviewing our performance and making adjustments to keep the overall investment strategy on track.The rebalancing has been essential to our progress towards retirement.
Jeff and his team have also helped with detailed long range planning and provided retirement options and scenarios to confirm our progress and our future readiness."

Scott & Mary McElroy
Guelph, ON


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