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Simplify your Life and Enhance your Financial Opportunities

  • Do your financial planning matters continually get put at the bottom of the pile?

  • Do you get bogged down by all the noise surrounding financial decisions?

  • Do you currently work with an advisor that doesn't understand you and your family or isn't meeting your expectations?

  • Do you need help clarifying your financial goals?

  • Would you like to know exactly what needs to be done to achieve your vision?

  • Would you like to have an action plan in place that ensures execution?

  • Are you curious if there is anything else you could be doing to minimize tax, or to grow and protect your money?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you may benefit from the Dymond Scruton Planning Process. 

Creating a financial plan allows you to take control over your financial and emotional wellbeing. It can deliver peace of mind and drive meaningful action and successful achievement of your financial goals.

The value of a financial plan


According to the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), 81% of Canadians with comprehensive financial plans feel on track with their financial affairs, versus 73% with limited planning and 44% with no planning*. 


In addition to giving you peace of mind, a comprehensive financial plan allows you to:


Clarify your goals – You may have some sense of what you want to achieve for yourself and your family, but a comprehensive plan can help to make these financial objectives actionable and measurable, allowing you to track your progress in a meaningful way.


Gain a comprehensive view – A cohesive plan gives you a consolidated view of your financial life, allowing for greater control and more efficiency.


Identify opportunities – With the full view of your financial picture, your advisor can work with you to mitigate taxes and find efficiencies within your plan.


Follow detailed steps toward your goals – A financial plan provides you with a detailed road map, with logical steps to follow, to bring your objectives within reach. Along the way, your Investment Advisor will work with you and your network of professionals to implement your plan of action.


*The Value of Financial Planning, FPSC and Financial Planning Foundation


A comprehensive financial plan should account for:






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