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We work with our internal Cash Management Group to provide clients with access to solutions for institutional cash management needs. 
With just over $2.5 billion in cash deposits, Canaccord Genuity Cash Management Group negotiates better yields, usually above those offered to you directly by your bank.
Canaccord Genuity Cash Management Group has formed over 45 partnerships with international and domestic financial institutions, including Canada’s largest banks.

Preserve Capital & Provide Liquidity

Maximize Yield & Increase Diversification


Our loyalty remains with our clients. We do not offer or sell any proprietary financial products. The Cash Management Group of Canaccord Genuity has 15 associates and speak 7 languages.


 Working with the Cash Management group, we take the time to understand your cash flow needs and create customized solutions to ensure the best performance, which comply with your investment policies.  


 The Cash Management Group has developed the largest network of institutional cash deposits in Canada. With over 45 banks, trust companies and credit unions across the country, they provide our clients with consistently competitive rates.

Our Partners