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Benefit from wealth creation opportunities through our full-service retail corporate finance platform

Individuals and Families: Insights into the capital markets

Access to IPOs

As a client, you will have access to new initial public offerings from Canada the United States, as well as Europe and abroad.

This is one of the distinct advantages of being associated with a strong global boutique advisory company like Canaccord Genuity. We pride ourselves on having a global reach and access to many products and services not available to many.

Company Financing

As a client, you will have access to many of our companies that have decided for various reasons to raise capital through the issuance of equity or debt. This common market activity allows clients the opportunity to purchase stock or debt at reasonable valuations.

Many times these finance offerings are accompanied by special warrants (options to buy more stock at a future date at  a pre-determined price). These situations are not always common but can easily be available to our clients.

Alternative Capital Markets

Our Alternative Capital Markets service is designed to address the needs of our high net worth clients and family offices by sourcing alternative investments, including private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, mezzanine funds, opportunistic funds, and private placements.

Corporations and Institutions: Forging long-term partnerships

A “one stop shop”

For young companies in the early stages of growth and development, it can be extremely difficult to focus on the business while having to worry and search for the capital required to fuel this growth. This dilemma creates distractions for new CEOs, sometimes leading to slow or anemic progress.

Our team recognizes this inherent problem and can help in many areas.  Our corporate finance team can provide value to early financings prior to initial public offerings or capital raises, intended to boost a company’s treasury prior to a merger and/or acquisition event.

Many young companies attempt to sell themselves to the public markets sooner than is generally necessary. This common mistake puts them at a clear disadvantage and contributes to a lack of success in some cases.

Our team provides detailed advice to young companies on the issues surrounding ‘going public’ versus continuing to stay in a private form until better suited financially. At this point, we consult and manage the process until the company is eventually ready to take the public step.

This service and process allows our team and the company management themselves to better understand what’s required and what third party companies need to be involved.

Focus on health sciences and technology

Over the past 10 years, our team has established ourselves as specialists in the health science and biotechnology sectors within Canada and the United States.

We have experience in private and public capital raises for young companies to much success.


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