The Dymond Scruton Financial Planning Process - Focused on You! 




1) Understanding you and your family 

  • Understand your current financial picture
  • Help you clarify and create goals
  • Understand your communication and service preferences
  • Understand your financial priorities
  • Understand your challenges, concerns, and objectives
  • Clarify your other professional advisors - Accountants & Lawyers


2) Insights & Recommendations 

  • Roadmap of all scheduled engagements for accountability
  • Specific recommendations to help achieve your goals
  • Identify opportunities to find efficiencies and minimize taxes
  • Action items with execution timeline
  • Detailed Net Worth Statement
  • Evaluate different plan scenarios to determine direction

3) Execute Action Plan 

  • Implement recommendations into your financial plan
  • Align your investment strategy with your goals
  • Implement recommended Asset Allocation
  • Engage other professionals as strategic partners


4) Reviews & Updates 

  • Track progress toward your goals
  • Review concise, consolidated reporting
  • Continually rebalance investments to ensure they are aligned with your goals
  • Manage investment behavior and emotions to manage risks and enhance success
  • Research and educate you about new opportunities
  • Update your plan and action items


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